“EYE ON DANCE… is one of the liveliest and most intelligent programs on the arts… Ms. Ipiotis knows her dance and is so knowledgeable… so easy an interviewer that we feel we are sitting in on the conversation.”

(Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times)

“The finest dance series on television.”

(Village Voice)

“EYE ON DANCE is an important program that could not exist in any other American city in almost any other time. EYE ON DANCE is the country’s only weekly broadcast on dance… Ipiotis and Bush… have primary source material — not to mention some insightful, gossipy shows…”

(Linda Winer, New York Newsday)

“A big pat on the back… to the only serious (and sometimes not so serious) weekly TV program devoted to dance matters. EYE ON DANCE should be worth casting an eye on.”

(Hilary Ostlere, Chelsea Clinton News)

“If any person can be said to have an encyclopedic grasp of the personalities and trends, the themes and variations of the current dance scene, that individual is Celia Ipiotis.”

(Robert Sandla, New York Native)

“What makes EYE ON DANCE different is unexpected people saying unexpected things… Mutually entertaining and informative the world of dance is covered in all its variety.”

(Darcy Hall, Manhattan Arts)

“This totally committed project operates on the premise that a vast audience is hungry for dance and dance-related programs. The show’s producers, Celia Ipiotis and Jeff Bush, have had the vision and enterprise to seek out worthy and interesting topics, shaping programs that rely not only on dance performances but on discussions centering on various aspects of dance.”

(John Gruen, Dancemagazine)

“The talk show format is not exactly fool-proof, but properly handled it is sure-fire television material, as is proved by the series EYE ON DANCE…it makes for compulsive viewing, and serves the purpose of helping to build an informed audience for dance.”

(David Vaughan, Ballet News)

“A unique program that focuses on issues related to dance and, in the process, offers insightful glimpses of people in the field. EYE ON DANCE… covers just about every dance form there is, from ballet to break dancing, with stops in between to talk to representatives from the worlds of tap, ethnic dance, postmodern and modern dance…”

(Janice Berman, New York Newsday)