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Thank you for your interest in ARC Video's EYE ON DANCE & The Arts library of educational videotapes. Please note the following:

1) We accept purchase orders from libraries and educational institutions. All others kindly submit full payment by check or money order.

2) Puchasers from outside the USA kindly submit payment in US Dollars via check drawn on a US bank. Failure to follow this instruction will result in additional charges for bank collection fees. We can also accept international wire transfers. Contact us for bank information.

3) Each number (#) in the EYE ON DANCE catalogue refers to a single half-hour program.

4) Launched in 1981, the lower the number--the older the program:
  EYE ON DANCE show #10 was produced in 1981.
  Program #190 was produced in 1986, etc.

5) Programs are "leased-for-the-life-of-the-tape" and may not be lent to individuals or any other institutions or exhibited in any other fashion, i.e. campus cable, internet, etc. ARC Videodance, the exclusive distributor of EYE ON DANCE, is a not-for-profit arts service organization.

If programs are intended for use in a college/university consortia arrangement or as part of a lending library, then you must contact ARC Videodance for the appropriate releases and price scale if applicable.

6) If you are interested in matching-up appropriate EOD programs with course outlines, please feel free to contact EYE ON DANCE regarding program titles which would best support or enliven your curricula.

7) Acquisition of the complete EYE ON DANCE & The Arts Library. The NY Public Library Dance Research Collection and several university libraries have invested in the full library of over 300 EOD titles. The complete EOD archive serves as an educational adjunct for programs with an interest in dance, health issues, music, visual arts, cultural history, black studies, anthropology, art criticism, social and political commentary, arts education, videoart, AIDS issues, Hispanic and Latino contributions, etc.

EYE ON DANCE & The Arts is one of the single largest primary source video collections on dance activities in America. Prized for its educational and historical value, EOD charts the people and trends defining dance. Over 35% of the programs feature artists-of-color and underdocumented contributors no longer living or recorded in any other media. This major educational archive serves as a resource for university dance instructors, researchers, students, critics, and the dance-interested public.
Call (212)206-6492 or email [email protected] for pricing of individual titles.

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