EYE ON DANCE creates an alluring entry point to dance for people of all ages. The inviting television format uses the artist's voice to personalize the creative process. Absorbing conversations punctuated with performance footage put people face to face with artists' ideas, accomplishments, and artistic approaches.

Audiences are captivated by the intimate details of artists' desires and professional challenges. EYE ON DANCE capitalizes on human elements that deepen a viewer's enthusiasm, understanding, and appreciation of the arts.

The series' topical approach produces spirited, expertly focused programs that cover dance subjects from ancient eras to current times. Host Celia Ipiotis traces the historical, cultural and educational underpinnings of dance with leading professionals, new-edge artists, and forgotten heroes.

Notably, many of the prize-winning programs include artists and themes not documented elsewhere. The towering collection of over 325 titles makes EOD a primary contributor to our first-hand understanding of America's dance heritage.

Praised by The New York Times as "one of the liveliest and most intelligent programs on the arts," EYE ON DANCE was launched in 1981 by Celia Ipiotis and Jeff Bush to help propel dance literacy.

Through the wide-ranging discussions on everything from ballet to street dance, EYE ON DANCE & The Arts celebrates the vitality, diversity, and central importance of the arts to all lives.

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