April 3, 2013
The watchword at New York City’s Food Fete was “healthy.” Everyone displayed products that either started off as a healthy building block or produced organically processed foods.

An addictive and nutritious snack, Hemp Hearts, raw shelled hemp seeds from Manitoba Harvest Foods, impart a slight sweetness reminiscent of finely crushed, soft walnuts. But these little power seeds feature 10 grams of Omegas 3 & 6, plus 3 grams of fiber. For those of you interested there are only 170 calories and 3grams of carbohydrates. Taste and nutrition combine in a snack that is—tempting --- and filling. For more information go to:

Mediterranean diets have returned as the daily diet rage. A dining staple in southern Europe, olives and olive products anchor many Mediterranean dishes. An ancient fruit, many believe some of the finest olives come from Greece. Packed in brine, the Olives by Divanos are firm and bursting with flavor. Another item, Dalmatia Fig Spread exudes the sweet exoticism of figs and combines well with Cheese, in yogurt, on toast or as an added sweetener from cereal to cookie fillings. Divina Olive Bruschetta features a traditional mixing of olives, sweet peppers and capers. The spread works in pasta, on bruschetta, and as an added flavor to many other topping choices.

Another snack touting high health appeal are the Australian grown Chia Shots by The Chia Company. Each 8-gram serving is packed with 2.9 grams of Omega 3; 1.1 gram of omega 6; 66 calories; 0.07 carbohydrates; 5.6 grams fiber and 3 grams of proteins. Resembling light and dark colored sesame seeds, Chia Seeds can punch up a salad, yogurt, and cereal or just pop them in your mouth (although they are a bit dry) to cut hunger and jack up nutrition.

For those who haven’t heard, milk is being stalked by nondairy Coconut milk. The SO Delicious product is gluten free and touts the robust flavor of its chocolate coconut milk and protein rich Almond Plus Almondmilk.

Extending the line essential pantry products, One Degree Organic Foods announced a new product, Organic Flax Seeds. The well-known health benefits are compounded by this seed’s veganically grown pedigree—that is, the company knows the seed’s friends and family members. Scan the bar code and you trace the seed’s route back to its roots. (Couldn’t help it).

Although there was much more to taste and contemplate, Better oats released Steel Cut Oats with Flax plus and a touch of apples and cinnamon plus Barbara’s High Fiber Cranberry cereal.

Finished eating--top everything off with a bright cup of tea. Believe it or not, “Get Burning” herb tea for metabolism kicks up your energy and food burning skills with a tea bag that has organic green Rooibos, Ginger, Cinnamon, and Holy Basil. The Republic of Teas Be Active Teas features multi-talented tea choices.
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