Performing Arts: Theater
November 30, 2021
Last year the performing arts industry was reeling from the unexpected closures due to COVID. Much of the industry moved to an online presence, until, hope came in the form of vaccinations. By taking baby steps, dance, theater and music ventured into outdoor arenas. Presenters began organizing theaters for live performances, artists rehearsed and audiences bought tickets.

Now, months after the euphoric yet carefully staged openings, come closings again. This time for one day, two days a week, or even a few hours.

And now, it's time again for the biggest marketplace of presentors and performers, The Association of Performing Arts Professionals 65th Annual Global event in NYC Jan. 10 - 17. In response to this year's temperamental health landscape, APAP is dividing the conference into two parts: virtual and in-person.

On-line events runs Jan.10, 11 and 13. In-person activities occur Jan. 14 - 17 at the New York Hilton Midtown which will be layered with on-line events and artists' presentations.

Through the various platform professionals connect with colleagues, network, attend performance showcases. At a time when community counts for so much, APAP animates a field eager to connect on issues of concern, desires for reforms and a brighter, stronger, healthier future.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Celia Ipiotis

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