Performing Arts: Dance
August 6, 2020
Catherine Turocy, director of the NY Baroque Dance Company is generating opportunities for people to experience the pleasures of historical dance through zoom. An avid researcher and historical dance advocate, particularly as it relates to today's modern and ballet community, Turocy explains:
"We are able to take advantage of the zoom platform to bring in people from around the world who have worked with us in the past so they can bring us up-to-date on their latest research.
For example, Claudia Bauer (mentored by Sandra Hammond -- an expert on early 19th c. ballet technique) is teaching a 19th c. ballet technique barre.

Alan Jones is zooming in from Paris to teach the "Mad" scene (which we can all relate to) from the 1786 "Echo and Narcissus" -- a ballet that originally included pantomime and dialogue.

Additionally, participants join in learning the Parisian social dance that predated the legendary "Can Can". Marcea Daiter teaches the Haitian and Cuban Baroque dances (performed to this day) designed to include songs and dances from many parts of Africa. These forms fuse French and Spanish Colonial culture to create new expressions.

Act now to join the workshop Aug. 8 & 9 beginning at noon. Go to:
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