Performing Arts: Dance
  NYCB On-Line #1
May 4, 2020
Introduced by Associate Artistic Director Wendy Whelan, New York City Ballet (NYCB) presented its digital spring season with insightful programming. The two-part thirty-minute program brought a bit of Lincoln Center into the living room.

First in the viewing lineup was George Balanchine’s 1978 ballet Ballo della Regina. Led by principal’s Megan Fairchild and Anthony Huxley, the ballet (filmed in 2006) exemplifies Balanchine’s iconic petite allegro and geometric formations.

Described by Whelan as Balanchine’s tribute to water, this ballet floats precisely through the space. Juxtaposed against the large group number is Christopher Wheldon’s grounding pas de deux, After the Rain. This sustained duet (filmed in 2005) is elegantly embodied by Wendy Whelan and Craig Hall. Strong and stripped down, these two veterans filled the screen with assurance.

You can participate in NYCB’s Virtual Spring Season on their website every Tuesday and Friday at 8pm, and learn more about their relief fund at
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