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February 22, 2019
For those of you with a bit of an intellectually adventurous spirit, there are some delightful new options for your vacation in Antwerp. It's been annoucned that "DIVA" is a new tourist attraction to open in the historic heart of Antwerp. DIVA provides the ultimate diamond experience. The visitor will be immersed in the world of diamonds during a 45-minute highlights tour with 5 topics (Wunderkammer, diamond-cutting workshop, gigantic terrestrial globe, World Fairs with a virtual fitting room and the world of organized crime and forgery).

The experience continues in DIVA’s ‘escape room’, a 60 minute challenge, where the only way to escape is by solving riddles and finding objects. What is not clear is whether of not diamonds are for purchase. But even it not, they can be admired.

In one of the most gorgeous historic cities, comes the Bruges Triennale opening (May 5). That's where artists, architects and scientists are invited to formulate answers to crises in the liquid society, working closely with inhabitants and visitors. By means of cooperative creative processes. Bruges Triënnial 2018 creates opportunities for new encounters between a diverse range of city users. Even without this event, the city provides plenty of eye-catching architecture and sights of visual beauty.
EYE ON THE ARS, NY -- Celia Ipiotis

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