Performing Arts: Dance
December 22, 2020
Next year the EYE ON DANCE (EOD) Legacy Archive celebrates its 40th Anniversary. This dream -- to introduce the public to the multiplicity and complexity of dance -- became a reality in 1981.

Every week on public TV, EOD became a megaphone for dance introducing hundreds of thousands of people to everything from ballet to hip-hop guided by forgotten heroes as well as acclaimed artists.

By widening traditional perspectives to include all, EOD consistently chronicled artists- of-color (many no longer living) and not documented elsewhere.

For our 40th anniversary year, we will restore video footage of artists essential to their communities yet frequently overlooked as heirs to our history.

Your support is crucial in helping us restore destabilized analog video footage and securing the required $20,000 match for our National Endowment for the Arts award.

With over 40% of the EOD archive containing recordings of artists' of color, we can— with your support— rebalance our dance inheritance.

While everyone waits for the world to reset, EOD will take advantage of the streaming opportunities and assemble curated excerpts of restored original source footage.

In this time of historical reckoning, EOD can communicate how the past informs urgent issues in the present. The archive also contributes towards the remediation of racist interpretations of dance history.

We respectfully accept tax-deductible donations of any size towards the restoration of the EYE ON DANCE Legacy Archive. Please make checks payable to: EYE ON DANCE, 70 East 10th Street, #19D, NY NY 10003.

EOD Sampler: HERE

Restored EOD 30-minute titles are available to educational institutions and libraries.

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