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December 1, 2021
What better way to bust the COVID blues than be in the presence of the cabaret duo Kiki & Herb. This season's holiday event Sleigh coupled Justin Vivian Bond (Kiki) and Kenny Mellman (Herb) in performance at the Harvey Theater. The crowd yelped and swooned while Kiki swirled one martini after another. 

Propped on a stool within eyesight of Herb -- nearly consumed by the grand pian-- Kiki(Justin Bond) dangles finely shaped gams forward and backin time with the holiday tunes.

Known for weaving dark humor through well known ditties, Kiki and Herb play the house as much as their song list. That's part of their uncanny ability to turn a theater into an intimate salon.  The tunes wove around the holiday season, with social commentary dribbled around the edges to make the sweetness curl up at the edges.

Gayly sporting a sparkly red jacket jacket (Marc Happel) Mellman complemented Bond's multitude of shoulder baring gowns slashed up the center for maximum exposure.

Somehow, Kiki and Herb managed to transform the audience into a safe-space cushioned in the nostalgia of holidays past and future dreams.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Celia Ipiotis

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