Performing Arts: Dance
February 14, 2023
Earlier generations claimed to love dance after watching The Red Shoes. A few decades later it was The Turning Point and then, in a total reversal of the ballet centered, aspirational films came Flashdance. Pop music soars over scenes of women claiming their bodies, their say as welders, club dancers and people with dreams.

Directed by Adrian Lyne, Flashdance's cinematographer Donald Peterman breathtakingly captured the generationally groundbreaking choreography by Jeffrey Hornaday.

When this film premiered, people were not only stunned by the dancing, but they were equally taken by the camera work. Rather than stay still, the camera moves with the dance, frequently shooting from the floor, above the dance and just as frequently in silhouette.

Hip hop's B-Boys excited the dance scene in the 70's and then in the 1980's they went commercial with films like Flashdance, TV ads and more.

Hung on a heartwarming love story between a charming, supportive boss, and a girl who is a welder by day and club dancer by night with a dream to be a dancer, Flashdance springs from the music video genre born in 1982.

Jammed with dance songs, most scenes include dance, ice dance, as well as artistic physical workouts and the ever-present iconic "Flashdance" song being belted by Irene Cara.

Well worth a revisit by the Dance on Camera Festival, I only regret there was no post conversation about the technical and artistic elements that set this film apart.
EYE ON THE ARTS--Celia Ipiotis

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