restoration campaign
The EYE ON DANCE Archive and ARC Media Library are mastered on videotape. By nature, videotape degenerates daily. This poses risks to ARC’s educational collections which were launched by 1980. The implementation of systematic restoration procedures is the only way to safeguard the collections for future generations. The Restoration Campaign imposes annual reviews of all print, visual and video elements to discern technical integrity. Deteriorating material undergoes appropriate restoration measures that range from copying print information to acid-free paper to fully re-editing disintegrating audio and visual material.

Three major restoration initiatives are underway:
  1. The restoration of fragile EYE ON DANCE master videotapes
  2. The organization and restoration of newly discovered raw footage composing
  3. EYE ON DANCE Original Source Sessions.
  4. The digitization of the EYE ON DANCE Archive, ARC Media Library and related materials.

All three projects seek funding support for completion:
  • EYE ON DANCE Archive Restoration
  • EYE ON DANCE Original Source Session Campaign
  • EYE ON DANCE and ARC Medial Library Digitization Operation

(Contact us regarding credits for major benefactors)

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