Performing Arts: Dance
July 25, 2019
With credits stretching across television and the musical theater community, Al Blackstone reached into his bandwidth of experiences to fashion Freddie Falls in Love, a jaunty dance story at the Joyce Theater.

Blackstone gathered an attractive cast blithely dancing their way through a simple story of love, love lost, lots of pizza, and love found.

The story drops in on a group of friends circling a couple about to be betrothed. But the “happily ever after” doesn’t materialize because the young woman, vividly portrayed by the red-haired Melanie Moore, bolts.

Before departing, Ms. Moore executes a dazzling solo of constant, insistent motion that melds darting steps into breathless turns unfolding into rubbery-back bends. Matt’s devastation triggers the adventure that takes him from America to France and back to hometown USA.

All the dancers assume various characters from goofy friends to a pizza delivery guy and French club host. There are plenty of congenial performances punctuated by a mid-production dance composed of cool strutting shaped by Jason Williams and Chantelle Good’s breezy confidence.

Central to the production is the soundtrack – a collection of imminently danceable standards from WWII to the 1990’s. Conversant in all forms of dance, Blackstone is adept at knitting together different styles to spin a tale of emotions pressured through movement.

The simple set design by David Masenheiner recombines cubicles into Lego-like structures that suggested bedrooms, bars, clubs and living rooms.

By the audience’s reaction, Freddie Falls in Love is a fine summer diversion.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Celia Ipiotis

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