January 2, 2013

Numi Tea announced some data that makes tea drinking even more appealing. Tea can benefit many health issues like cardiovascular disease, induce relaxation, and help boost the immune system. Studies are reporting these findings but they don’t have the same muscle as pharmaceutical companies so they get brushed to the side of documented medical advances.

Of course many have already heard of green tea’s antioxidant properties, but a new tea is knocking green and white tea off the top of the totem pole. Tea farmers are clearing their plots of other teas and planting Puerh tea to satisfy a growing demand. Why the interest? Because Puerh tea is proving helpful towards heart health, digestion, cancer prevention energy levels.

Puerh comes from a wild, old tree known as "broad leaf tea" found in the Yunan Mountains of Southwestern China. An earthy flavor permeates this wonder tea which will be released later this year by at least one company, Numi Organic Tea. Their promotional material states that they are harvesting Puerh tea leaves from 200 – 500 year old wild harvested tree varieties.

As for the other teas, don’t throw them out yet. Green tea has been deemed a strong scavenger of free radicals and improves memory. White tea seeks out disease producing bacteria, while black tea can impede colorectal cancer cells and lower risk of repeated heart attacks. Naturally, just drinking tea won’t do the trick if every other aspect of your daily life is unhealthy. But tea in combination with a balanced diet and exercise can improve your health odds—and do so in a tasty, calming manner.

Keep a lookout for the new category or Puerh tea. Numi will put out a black Puerh, one flavored with chocolate, vanilla beans, orange peel and spices; a magnolia scented green tea, a Black Puerh blend plus a green Puerh.

Certainly other brands will surface as well, but for more information on Numi Organic Tea go to

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