Performing Arts: Dance
January 9, 2019
Jack Ferver is an artist who generates a good deal of buzz because he floats conceptually intriguing performance prospects. In the case of a revival “Everything is Imaginable” he invited four men to depict their boyhood idols through dance at NYLA. Naturally, the soloists are all impressive dancers fully capable of holding the stage, but the ensuing results were mixed.

Swirling round and round in a gold tinsel dress cut above the knees, ABT dancer James Whiteside flaunted his technical chops while lip synching to Judy Garland’s “I Happen To Like NY.” Long, elegantly turned-out legs stretch into perfect arabesques, extensions, turns and even cartwheels. Expounding on her remarkable career, Martha Graham’s essence is revived by Lloyd Knight dropping into upside-down fan –kicks and controlled by gutsy torso contractions.

Garen Scribner’s witty impression of ice skating champion Brian Boitano injects a bit of wry humor into a solo that includes skaterly turns, slides and glides in socks to the sound of ice skater’s blades. Similarly, Reid Bartelme (who along with Harreit Jung designs the outlandish adventure) prances around pawing the floor then jutting forward and back.

Later, Bartelme and Ferver engage in a poignant duet that lovingly accentuated their height differences. Ferver closed out the evening in a solo that recalled the time he split his calf muscle. The shocking event caused him great anguish forcing the nstanteous redesign of a dance that suddently had Ferver hoisted on men’s shoulders—a la Cleopatra. It’s clear Ferver is comfortable and immenintly capable of writing text, but the overall choreography and concept feel airy.

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