Performing Arts: Dance
April 3, 2016
This year From the Horse’s Mouth celebrates dancer, writer, and choreographer Gus Solomons Jr. at the 14th Street Y. In usual fashion the night progresses as a mix of personal anecdotes about the honoree and improvised movement. Solomons opens the performance with an improvised piece, showcasing his long limbs that will be mentioned by almost every performer with good reason.

His improvisation is fascinating and focused, even as his mic pack falls off and swings around his body. After he concludes his intro, the performers take the stage. One sits in a chair center stage (or is projected on screen if they are absent) and talks about how Solomons influenced their life while 2-3 dancers improvise movement around them. As the conclusion of the anecdote, that performer joins the dancers, rotating out, prominent performers included Meredith Monk, Deborah Jowitt, and David Vaughan.

What is spoken and learned about Gud Solomons Jr. paints him as the extraordinary man that he is. Having danced with both Martha Graham and Merce Cunnningham his expertise in movement in unquestionable. He is celebrated for his diversity in movement as well as his establishment of Paradigm a dance company for dancers over 50. Solomon is well beloved by each performer, from his contemporaries to students that he taught at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, each body on stage spoke of his accomplishments. Solomon himself shows off a lesser known skill of his, by putting on short puppet shows, with both Graham and Cunningham puppets that have the audience giggling.

Both a piece of theater and a personal history, From the Horse’s Mouth entertains and celebrates a beautiful man.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Annie Woller

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