Performing Arts: Dance
June 26, 2014
A slow and dynamic duet enters the empty stage, where two young men brace themselves against a beautiful melody. Synched in unique musicality, the two dancers pull with and against each other in exploration of their relationship. “We Are All… Our Father’s Sons” choreographed by Jacqlyn Buglisi opens the program at New York Live Arts.

A lively beginning to the evening quickly sobers when the world premiere of Jennifer Muller’s “Miserere Nobis” enters. Emotional pain and sombre intent dictates the movements of these nine women, all clad identically in black, adorned in headdresses to wash out individuality. These women carry great power as they move onto the stage, one joining after another until all move in a succinct unison. Constantly shifting levels to a dark and spiritual score, Muller channels loss and grief throughout the performance.

Following a short pause, “Lonely Planet” by Elisa Monte holds as a strong piece connecting the global inter-connectivity of modern life. Beautiful dancers create circular patterns that highlight Monte’s intent and vision. But Buglisi’s piece “Butterflies and Demons” hits the night's emotional high. Inspired by the tragedies of female trafficking, this dance is a non-stop punch to the gut. In a moment towards the beginning, a dancer is lifted onto the back of another. Her arched back balances on his shoulders with swan-like grace, catching the breath of the audience as the balanced dancers slowly move off-stage. The entire piece reaches inside to the emotional core and creates a thrilling audience experience.

The final performance of the night is another Muller premier titled “Whew!”. The title spells it out as this fast paced, jazzy number plays its way across the stage. Dancers move and move and move in bigger bolder ways, until they are left breathless. Muller herself said she chose to look through a “lighter lens”, and she definitely finds the magic in pure exhilarated movement.

Because the styles are well matched, these three choreographers fluidly showcased a cohesive night of dance.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Annie Woller

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