Performing Arts: Dance
May 22, 2021
If you are looking for a dance de-stressor consider "A Coloring Book by Julie Lemberger featuring more than 60 of today's women dance artists!"

Edited by Elizabeth Zimmer, Modern Women is studded with an array of dance artists. Their heavy black outlines stand out against psychedelic and whimsical backgrounds. More than an artistic diversion, the book animates the choreographers through biographical notes and quotes.

Known as a professional dance photographer, Lemberger captures each dancer's individual facial and physical expressiveness. A quote by the dancer or choreographer is situated below each picture. For instance, this might be an apt feeling shared by all this year: "Dancer Cori Kresge in The New Ecstatic 2.0 (2016), a duet created in collaboration with choreographer Sarah Skaggs. This dance examines the nature of ecstatic dance forms and "out of body" states in the everyday."

Visual complexity and text meld in the creation of a congenial introduction to dancers making history. An extraordinary mix of dance forms take a bow in the pages of a book that Ms. Lemberger dedicates to the "...many women who dance......and receive so little recognition. I made this book to celebrate them!

Ash Chen desgined and constructed the publication available at Modern Women

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