Performing Arts: Dance
November 18, 2014
Irish step dance is a captivating form in it’s own right, but that did not stop Darrah Carr Dance from giving it a modern twist. At the Irish Arts Center in Hells Kitchen, The Darrah Carr dancers took to the stage to perform in their collaborative dance form they call ModERIN. Part modern, part Irish step dance this series of dances were a lighthearted and fun way to spend an evening. It is a unique venture to blend these two forms, and though not always cohesive, there were many moments that made you want to jump right out of your seat.

The typical modern vocabulary found new life when sprinkled with patterns and movements taken from the world of Irish Step. This was reflected most successfully in the piece ‘S An Cuan Eadrainn (and the Sea Between Us). The added use of live music, with the vocalist (and choreographer) Christopher Caines stepping from side stage to interact with the dancers, presents a feeling of both Irish and Modern as a continuous blend. A sense of yearning could be felt throughout the dance in both the moments derived from modern vocabulary--reaching arms and an airy quality to the flow of transition--as well as the incorporated details of Step.

The most spectacular moments were seen in the Tradition Tunes performed by musician Liz Hanley and dancer/choreographer Niall O’Leary and Percussive Pause performed by Trent Kowalik. Both these solos highlighted the percussive nature of step. Dance and rhythm were so intricate and fast paced it was hard to match the sounds with the movement of the feet. In breathtaking speed, Kowalik stunned the audience who responded in uproarious applause as his feet came to a well deserved rest. The skill of the dancers, especially those who were highly proficient at Step dancing, really made the movement vital, creating a great showcase for a new style collaboration.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Annie Woller

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