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  Café Metro 100 UNDER 500 CALORIE MENU
January 18, 2013
Café Metro announces a good way to keep track of lunchtime calories with the launch of their 100 Under 500 calorie menu selections. Café Metro’s executive chef, Brad Grossman, partnered with New York-based registered dietitian, Alexandra Oppenheimer to formulate tasty options for busy New Yorkers focused on good nutrition and feel-good figures. A large array of choices greet customers. Meat, poultry and vegetarian selections look fresh and appealing--particularly a Prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich, the vegetarian pita pocket and California Turkey pita. I had the carved turkey and cranberry sauce, plus a side salad. My $7+ choice was a bit light on the turkey, and the salad was heavy on cucumber. Very possibly, my next choice should be the Vegetarian Pita or Fresh Roast Turkey Sandwich with a side of green salad and Raspberry Crumble Bite. To view the menu and find Metro Cafes near you click Here.
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