Performing Arts: Dance
November 5, 2014
Originally seen in Montclair University’s Peak Performance series, Bill T. Jones returns Story/Time to the far more intimate Bessie Schonberg Theater. This works to the piece’s advantage. Seated behind a simple desk on a stool, legs determinedly apart, Bill T. reads – or actually delivers—a number of one-minute stories. They detail events in his life both professional and personal. While he reads, dancers spray across the stage in a variety of athletic movement sequences. Even if the movement is not intended to illuminate the text, the eye and ear work hard to connect the two. For that reason, the smaller space forces a greater compactness of the two, so that dancers frequently passed behind and next to Mr. Jones at the table. Somehow, the closer proximity of word and action benefit overall comprehension. The company is in excellent form and each night, Mr. Jones selects different stories. Let it be said, the stories that relate to this family resonate the most.

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