Performing Arts: Dance
June 15, 2014
A blaring trumpet sounds as a group of musicians enter the theater. These fives instrumentalists walk across the audience and take the stage, hammering out a mix of polka and jazz. The energy begins to buzz as these men finish playing and the stage transitions for the first piece of the evening. Five young dancers enter the stage set with a wooden staircase for each of them and perform the rhythmic triumph that is “Stair Dance”. Relentless in it’s non-stop movement, the dancers navigate the ups and downs of the piece without missing a beat. This is all part of Ballet Tech Kids Dance 40th Birthday celebration at the Joyce Theater.

These remarkably talent children perform three works, including the world premiere of “KYDZNY”, a ballet by Eliot Feld. The second ballet of the evening, “Apple Pie” is comprised of continuous allegro. Embracing the large moments, and precisely executing the copious Petite Allegro, the dancers put on a great show.

The first two dances are delightful, but neither compares to the raucous vitality present in “KYDZNY”. In circus-esque costumes, including stripes and silly hats, young dancers find the fun in every movement. Moving in circular patterns and doing quirky traveling movements, the palette forms a collage of kinetic play. Towards the end, just as the choreography is reaching its cacophonous climax, a gaggle of young girls walk across the stage blowing bubbles as they go. That is only one of the many moments effortlessly capturing the fun of this piece.

And the fun does not stop there! As soon as the dance ends, with the whole cast sitting on the ground laughing, the band of merry musicians enters back on stage. A rush of joy fills the space and colorful balloons fall from the ceiling. The audience begins dancing along, as the parents of the performers race to the stage to walk around with their young dancers. Truly a party, appropriately celebrating Ballet Tech and the enthusiastic dancers it creates.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Annie Woller

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