Performing Arts: Dance
September 22, 2014
A lively display of Indian dance occured this past week at Chen Dance Center. Sonali Skandan & Jiva Dance presented four dances in the classical Indian dance style of Bharatanatyam. The choreography was ann impressive blending of the strength inherent in the technical aspects of the form and the exuberant emotions that exist in the stories being told.

Titled Mayura: Blue Peacock, each dance was inspired by the pervasive allusions to peacocks in Indian poetry and literature. Ms. Skandan choreographed the majority of the pieces, and performed a number of solos that showcased her mastery of the form. Her charisma on stage permeated every piece and drew the eyes of the audience as she shifted her gaze in conjunction with the movement. The five dancers that performed as part of Jiva Dance were all convincing in their commitment to the dance's precise structure.

Unison phrases stood out as each dancer matched the movements and energy of their peers. The lighting and costuming for the evening elevated the performance from fascinating to stunning. Reflecting the colors of a peacock, these elements of mis-en-scene shaped a cohesive concept in tune with the energy of the pieces. Vitality and joy shone through each dancer as they effortlessly moved their feet in rhythm with the music. Each dancer was clad with bells around their ankles, so their ability to dance together was not just visible, but audible as well.

In this captivating program, Skandan and Jiva dance showcased what it is they do best. Bringing culture and history to dance is so important and these women brought that culture into a modern age, using classical techniques with varied patterns and stories to entrance the audience.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Annie Woller

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