Performing Arts: Dance
May 4, 2020
Nederlands DansTheater shows once more why they champion the contemporary field in their weekly digital series, NDTV. In a musical, yet not overly predictable ballet set to a number of Bach’s concertos, Subtle Dust, performed by NDT2, is another work of distinction by Paul Lightfoot and Sol Leon.

Danced by eight dancers in the company, this ballet explores cycles of duality. The articulation of both movement and emotion show not only their indisputable technique, but also their commitment to artistry. To so perfectly execute the nuances of their movement vocabulary, even through a TV screen, is nothing short of magnificent.

You can view weekly ballets on the company’s streaming platform, NDTV ( online/) and donate to their relief fund at
EYE ON THE ARTS -- Mia SIlvestri

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