Performing Arts: Dance
  ABT Studio Company
April 26, 2019
Talent is growing in American Ballet Theater’s Studio Company headed by Shascha Radetsky. Well rehearsed and enthusiastic, the dancers executed complicated choreography with youthful zing.

The opening night show at the Joyce Theater opened with Balanchine’s animated conversation between a male and female dancer in Tarantella.Tapping tambourines while whipping off turns and multiple leaps, the dancers flew across the stage. Melvin Lawovi, an impressive dancer, proved both technically adept and comfortable partnering the engaging Kanon Kimura.

Two premiers appeared in the repertory:The First Star of the Night by Ma Cong to a dreamy, muzak score by Ezio Bosso, and Overtureby Ethan Stiefel to Beethoven.

Both injected a fresh approach to the ballet vocabulary with Stiefel taking a witty, cock-eyed view of ballerinas. When Overture opens, two tipsy ballerinas are held sideways in a silhouetted tableaux. Stiefel injects a bit of wit in the choreography, but it works best when there’s not an obvious play for laughs like the bent "chicken" arms reminiscent of an old, signature Walter Brennan move.

Ms. Cong’s On The First Star Of The Night demonstrated a strong sense of dance architecture. Dressed In black, and wearing soft slippers, the dancers dipped into the floor, and formed inventive groupings, contrasting the foreground to the background. She’s a choreographer to watch.

Another active choreographer, Gemma Bond’s Interchangeable Text to Phillip Glass’s silky score crafted an effortless ballet built on the company's (12 dancers) many strengths.

For the final selection, two dynamic dancers took charge of the Don Quixote leads: Kitri—(the delicious Chloe Misseldine) and her suitor Basiilo (Joseph Markey). “Flower Girls” Leah Baylin and Kanon Kimura jauntily flew on and off stage while Misseldine and Markey performed promising many good things to come.

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