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April 8, 2017
Known for his kinetic acting, John Leguziamo’s talent flares when he starts to dance. Despite his middle age, Leguizamo’s compact body radiates charisma the minute he demonstrates any social dance form from hip hop to salsa. Touched by a bit of Robin Williams’ talent, Leguizamo’s physicality and impersonations (that come as much from inside his body as his voice) soar.

In this theatrical episode entitled, “Latin History for Morons” Leguizamo tries to assist his quiet, bookish son complete an assignment to write a paper on a hero.

Naturally, Leguizamo would like it to be a Latin hero, and in the process, chases 3,000 years of horror and tears tracing among others, the trail of Spanish conquistadors stomping out native populations. Incidentally, Leguziamo discovers he is a mix of Hispanic and Native American. Now he has two different cultures to reconcile and excavate.

Incessantly referring back to his own inability to deal or talk back to entitled East Siders, he good-heartedly but wrong-headedly tries to turn his son into a “historically correct” bully. It doesn’t pan out however his son finds his own personal way into the story of a hero.

Despite the overblown book by Leguizamo, director Tony Taccone keeps Leguizamo on his toes at The Public Theater.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Celia Ipiotis

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