Performing Arts: Dance
November 1, 2014
Austin Mccormick gets it. He understands the crucial changes that are happening in the spectrum of dance and theatre and he capitalizes on them. “Rococo Rouge,” his newest production, is an entertaining mix of song, dance, and burlesque. In their new home on Lafayette Street in the East Village, Mccormick’s Company XVI has transformed a bar and lounge into NYC’s own Moulin Rouge.

Dapper waiters in black top hats and tails take drink orders as audience members settle into the intimate theatre and the cabaret style seating. Glittering, structurally unique costumes from Zane Philstrom and inspired lighting design by Jeanette Yew set the tone as the curtain rises to beautifully toned and glistening dancers.

The show is organized in three sections with several numbers filling each act. Ranging from dangerously hot and sexy circus acts to sinfully soulful musical numbers, on-stage happenings compete with business men in the front area being teased and taunted by a statuesque male dancer. I mean, what’s your natural response to a Swarovski crystal covered codpiece? That’s where the creative team smartly orchestrates the alcohol component. *Swigs champagne*

Standouts include the outstanding pole dance and the ravishing Katrina Cunningham singing a mellow version of Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love.” The mix of tasteful debauchery and an era of the past, coupled with current pop culture is fresh and smart.

I’m eager to see what’s next for this group of performers. Rumors are swirling its an expansion among this project with a food element in the works. But whatever it is I’m likely to be back. With only a few shows left before “Rococo Rouge,” closes and “Nutcracker Rouge,” opens, I beseech you to go see this show. Lovely adult entertainment that is as much romantic as it is raunchy.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Bailey Moon

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