Performing Arts: Dance
May 21, 2014
Light soaks the brightly colored village where the lovely and intrepid Kitri (Maria Kochetkova) longs to marry the young and handsome Basilio (Herman Cornejo) instead of her burly father’s (Grant deLong) choice, the wealthy and bombastic Gamache (Craig Salstein). Unable to convince her father of true love’s hold, the lovers escape to a Gypsy camp.

This light-hearted ballet is marked by its flourishes and pyrotechnics. More innocent than coquettish, Kochetkova offers plenty of eye pleasing moves. Effortless turns and easy, long back arches float over sharp, piquant point work and double toe taps. Easily one of the most gifted dancers/actors currently in ABT, Cornejo is equally comfortable in his technique and character interpretation. Sharp and clean, Cornejo whips off six revolutions in his pirouettes, elegantly slowing down the final two before landing in a tight fifth position. More to the point, he’s completely attentive to his partner and soars through complicated choreography with elan.

The buffoon, Gamache, is dragged to new heights of shtick. Even when on the side of the stage, Salstein's theater “business” threatens to overwhelm the central performers--funny, but a little too much too often.

A string of characters add to the joyful mayhem including Sacha Radetsky (Espada, a famous matador) who wheels his cloak around in ruffled flourishes and his merry partner Merceds (Stella Abrera). Of course, the great wanderer Don Quixote (Roman Zhurbin) and his pal Sancho Panza (Arron Scott) shadow Kitri and Basilio. Intent on discovering his beloved Dulcinela, Don Quixote falls asleep and dreams of a universe of enchanted maidens. This is where the corps shines and the feathery Yuriko Kajiya (Amour) lightly weaves through intricate figures.

Technical fireworks break out in the last act when Kitri executes the traditional 32 fouettes layering- in double turns complemented by Cornejo’s soaring jumps, tightly sprung turns and gracious support.
The infectious music by Ludwig Minkus is brightly conducted by David laMarche.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Celia Ipiotis

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