Performing Arts: Dance
February 20, 2019
A poem. Stretched white screen. Pointed shadows cast by dancers’ pressed bodies.

Wrinkled time along the fabric of the backdrop. Rendered genderless bodies pushing, wrapping, engulfing. Dance belts and bare breasts In rim-lit silhouettes.

Taupe and cloudy duet. Flesh tones reflect Nude skin. Mahogany love.

Gray. Lighting is Gray and Orange and Gray. Nude color plus Gray. A whale’s mouth. That whole world in a whale’s mouth.

Part of the feeling of watching dance is the hope that it changes something about our lives. When I go to watch the art of dance, I hope it leaves me changed.

The intelligent legs and decided movements of the Gallim dancers created a motional quality so uniform that it moved as a language in which the dancers effectively and joyfully communicated.

What changed me? 7 Dancers , full ensemble. Overwhelmed by the glossed fabric of time and left in an ocean of ourselves. The sea becomes an entity who swallows, if obliged.

Over every part of us it washes Leaving us anew, alive.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Brandon Kazen-Maddox

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