Performing Arts: Dance
October 28, 2017
The fourth Fall For Dance Program scooped up dance forms from all corners of the community pelting the audience with a dynamic world premier from Kyle Abraham, a whimsical duet with Sara Mearns and Homji Wang completed by a driving ensemble dance by Sharon Eyal and gai Behar.

By returning to some earlier movement roots, Abraham’s “Drive,” performed by Abraham.In. Motion, is a sleek, compelling modern dance piece that balances on top of club/hip-hop/urban dance conversations. Urgency and cooperation fuel “Drive” with a powerful rhythmic engine to body-moving music by Theo Parrish and Mobb Deep. A solid opening work that generates a sense of community and darker outside forces “Drive” was commissioned by NYC City Center and will return during Abraham’s Joyce Theater season.

It’s not a new idea, hip hop or club artist dances with pretty ballerina, and at City Center, NYC Ballet principal Sara Mearns and club/hip hop dancer/choreographer Honji Wang shared time together in a make-shift ballet studio. After demonstrating some of the basics of each form, the two sweetly and humorously share moves, assuming each other’s steps and attitudes. Commissioned by Fall for Dance “No.1” is light fare wrapped around two striking dancers.

Unitard-clad dancers fan out across the stage executing unison choreography that underscores the masculine element and militaristic sensibilities in “Bill.” High contrast lighting by Omar Sheizaf adds to “Bill’s” mystery. The block of Ballet BC dancers, dominated by men, break into smaller groups and dynamic solos, but the overall atmosphere created by Sharon Eyal and Gal Behar suggests one of urgency.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Celia Ipiotis

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