Performing Arts: Dance
July 24, 2017
It is known that an image is worth a thousand words. Likewise, the poetic images signed across Emery LeCrone’s choreography spoke eloquently during the evening dedicated to her works within the 2017 Ballet Festival at the Joyce.

Beautiful, languid lines were expressed by Megan LeCrone in In Memory. In the opening number, her flowing strawberry-red cocktail dress fanned through her chaînés radiantly illuminated by the pearl cyclorama.

Beloved presented three ballerinas dressed in voile thin pants and contemporary cut tops in tones of light gray, peach, and beige, that drifted through the air when carried by their partners wearing shiny white tops and tights. The imagery interplay culminated with Time Slowing, a chiaroscuro duet that featured Corey Stearns dressed in black and accompanied by Stephanie Williams, in an elegant cut leotard with a long organza skirt. The off-centered pas de deux integrated with the lateral angled lighting in an infinite illusion against the black back drop.

Paradoxically, as it is often said: “less is more,” the five independent works in the program restated LeCrone’s aesthetic. This included a reiteration of motifs, which became more evident with the recurrent monotone lyrics in Beloved beautifully performed by LeCrone's company, and accompanying sopranos and musicians.

In spite of the contrast with the rest of the program, movement theme tendencies came through The Innermost Part of Something, presented with electronic music and contemporary athletic attire which permeated through the program’s closing in the world premiere of Radiant Field.

Nevertheless, the beauty of Emery LeCron’s proposal in movement and color pallets, as well as the artist’s plasticity, generated a pleasing, albeit extensive program, endorsed by the generous applause of her following audience.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Gabriela Estrada

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