Performing Arts: Dance
February 27, 2014
Hair is grabbed, messed up, wrapped in towels, and brushed across the floor in the inventively partnered program choreographed by Jomar Mesquia for the attractive Mimulus Cia de Danca at the Joyce Theater.

Known for his deeply human films, Pedro Almodovar’s filmography serves as the inspiration for the sexual exploitations erupting between same and mixed sex couples in the Brazilian company’s performance of “Dolores” (2007).

Filtered behind a metal beaded scrim by Ed Andrade, a woman starts spinning round and round on the edge of stage, her skirt unfurling in the dim light. Men and woman enter, on the verge of love or anger. Tango sequences form the choreographic base as legs slice through opposing legs, pulling up tight, one body against the next. Part dance competition, part cabaret, men primp and snarl at smiling women before breaking into complex aerial moves.

Broadly theatrical, a woman screams—for no apparent reason—and although woman are tossed about like Caipirinhas, grabbing nicely shaped derrieres is an equal opportunity activity.

The soundtrack incorporates music from Almodovar’s films and popular Latin/European songs. Personal dramas play out and at the end; necklaces of plastic beads are converted to bondage gear until a string of beads hanging from the ceiling breaks spills over the bodies.

For bows, one couple after another swirls onto the stage in a line-up animated by aerial tricks that contintues for several minutes to the enthusiastic clapping of a happy audience.
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