Performing Arts: Dance
January 26, 2023
For nearly one hour, Israel Galván delivers a master class in the percussive beat of Spanish dance at the Baryshnikov Arts Center. A maverick in the world of flamenco, in SoloGalvan dons a red bib apron, white shoes and an exquisite imagination.

He expertly deploys a series of melodies and rhythms from his rapid-fire feet. Never at rest, his arms, hands, shoulders and face evoke an alertness kissed by wit.

Depending on his location, various quadrants of the stage emit distinctly different sounds from a natural tap timbre, to amplified beats, sand scrapings and flirty, soft ripples not to mention a ballet arabesque and plié or two.

Absent musical accompaniment, Galván produced a symphony of richly shaded riffs. A little more than midway through, switches to a black bib apron and dons a pair of rubber boots. This switch from the toreador-like white shoes with taps, deepens and rounds out the beats.

For a few minutes, one additional sound comes into the mix--castanets humorously clacking in the palm of his hands. The all-important sound is controlled by Pedro León.

This fanciful work resolves with Galván removing his boots and socks and thumping the floor, his base, his earth-- barefoot.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Celia Ipiotis

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