Performing Arts: Dance
November 14, 2013

The final program of the American Dance Guild Festival was filled with interesting works from many choreographers. A screening of the Eye on Dance interview with Anna Sokolow and Sophie Maslow was meant to begin the evening, but due to a late start and technical issues the screening was postponed until the reception.

With that somewhat rough start, the evening finally began moving with an energetic piece by modern dance pioneer, Isadora Duncan. In traditional Duncan style, “Ode to Aphrodite” was filled with strong feminine power and beauty. Duncan’s piece along with Remy Charlip’s “Surpreme Court” and Anna Sokolow’s “Kaddish” represented foundations of established modern dance while most of the other works were more recent.

“All into my Arms” choreographed by Elizabeth Shea, relied heavily on contact improv techniques, and with two brilliant and captivating dancers, the piece was a joy to watch. Jean Churchill’s “In the Long Run” employed two older dancers to a largely successful degree. These dancer’s, Peggy Florin and Maria Simpson, explored how their bodies existed in space in an overall, sedate but stimulating display.

Four other pieces, by Tina Croll, Teresa Fellion, Sasha Spielvogal, and Jenny Showalter completed the night. It shaped out to be a generally strong concert addressing the contributions of dance pioneers and current day practitioners. The night ended at the reception, where Celia Ipiotis presented the full length Eye on Dance program with Anna Sokolow and Sophie Maslow. The interview with these two women discussed dance as a convoy for social discussion and change. Ipiotis uncovered precise reflections on dance's versatility and impact on society.

Because ADG commendably keeps dance history alive through dancer's bodies, EYE ON DANCE proved a potent partner, contributing a smart and thought provoking end to a fine evening of dance.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Annie Woller

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