Performing Arts: Dance
July 16, 2014
Modern dancers generally dance barefoot or don some form of soft-soled shoe, but high heels don’t normally enter the equation. Not so in Anne Teresa de Keersmaker’s Elena’s Aria. Dancers trot around in high heels, swiftly moving across the stage, slumping in a chair or primly sitting on the edge of the stage, under a reading lamp and reciting passages from Beckett, Tolstoy an Dostoevsky.

The actual words mean less than the sound of the text being read out loud and the remaining four dancers--De Keersmaeker, the assertive Tale Dolven, Fumiyo Ikeda, Cynthia Loemij and Samantha van Wissen-- in still frame. Dressed in knee-high slim evening dresses, the dancer set out a dance theme, invert it and vary through speed or accent.

Attitude surfaces in the poses and imagery, like the fan blowing a dancer’s hair back as if waiting for a glamour shot. Sounds of heels click and various musical samples and arias, particularly Caruso’s famous refrain “O sole mio”. A woman’s scent changes according to mood, and Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s women are at once self-sufficient and changeable.

THis marks the third production in a series of four presentations by the Lincoln Center Festival at Gerald R. Lynch Theater.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Celia Ipiotis

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