Performing Arts: Dance
September 8, 2014
Mazzini Dance Collective presented work for their New York season Saturday night at the Ailey Citigroup Theater to a packed house. Annamaria Mazzini formerly of the Paul Taylor Company choreographed three of the evening’s work and Orion Duckstein also of the Taylor Company showed two of his pieces.

The collective, founded in 2012, has 14 dancers not including Mazzini who danced in two of the pieces. I found myself not to be as exuberant as the rambunctious crowd during the 2 hour long performance. Opening on a dull note was the world premier of “Playing with Angels,” choreographed by Mazzini. Dressed in pale blues, four females retain a box like shape around Andy Jacobs as he gestures rope pulling and sidesaddle riding. The piece was unable to find a sense of consistency, and its lullaby style music and dancing failed to sustain my attention.

The highlight of the show, was seeing Mazzini and Duckstein dance together in his work “When We Rise.” Although I find it hard to come on board with her venture in choreography, Mazzini has a sparkle as a dancer that is timeless and a testament to the star quality she held in the Taylor Company. She illuminates the dark stage with her gaze and shares a natural ease with Duckstein that reflects upon their history, and makes room for risk-taking. In the final moment, Mazzini steps on to Duckstein who is lying face down on the floor. She maneuvers into a standing position on his back as he stands in a flat back, 90-degree angle. The audience squeals, the lights fade.

A steady but potentially dangerous image that begs the question: will Mazzinirise again? EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Bailey Moon

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