Performing Arts: Dance
April 10, 2014
Second Avenue Dance Company presented by NYU TISCH, put on a strong showcase of student work, with guest choreographer Kendra Portier. In terms of student choreographed pieces, one standout of the night was Who, Man. Choreographer Molly McSherry and a second dancer, Lauren Kravitz presented a quirky and lively piece. McSherry established the characters onstage quickly and effectively, and then developed the movement of those characters throughout the dancing. With baggy pants, and colorful wind breakers, these two danced to “”Tequila” by The Champs, coyly playing off the audience's focus. Small moments of contained focus, led to moments of fluidity, creating a seamless blend of humor and dance. It was a funny and well crafted piece.

Another standout piece was Blow choreographed by Bailey Moon. With the set consisting of a large white box on wheels, the black wrapping costumes set the dancers apart. The costumes, lighting, and movement match in a way that made the piece feel cohesive, especially paired with the strong music choice. Thrashing and gyrating took full swing and with huge surprises and virtuosic movements Blow came out swinging from the very beginning. The piece did seem to end too soon, there was more room for exploration with the box, though Moon hit all the big moments. As the dancer fell dramatically off the box as the lights cut out, you could hear the collective gasp from the audience.

All the dancers were accomplished and Kendra Portier gave them each a moment to stand out in the final piece “Harm of Will”. Choreographed with the dancers, Portier gave them movement that showcased their strengths, while putting together a beautiful and powerful work.

Full of potential and various successes, Second Avenue Dance Company put on a great show. These are all people to look for in the future dance world.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Annie Woller

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