Performing Arts: Dance
November 9, 2013
The first program of the American Dance Guild’s Cross Pollination contained a wide breadth of dance styles and techniques. With special focus on the late choreographer Remy Charlip, a range of dances by emerging and well established choreographers made up an altogether unforgettable night.

Before the performance started, there was a brief introduction by Eye on Dance's Celia Ipiotis. She presented a clip of the Eye on Dance television interview with Remy Charlip, adding a layer of context and meaning into the two Charlip pieces to be performed. In her introductions, Ipiotis described the invaluable collection of materials collected from the more than two decades of recordings from the EYE ON DANCE educational television series. Funds are being raised to organize and restore the EYE ON DANCE" Leagacy Archive for future generations.

Charlip's “Ten Imaginary Dances” (read by David Vaughan) opening the night and “Twelve Contra Dances” finishing the first half. The charm and wit of Charlip’s work is palpable, and both pieces are refreshing in their simplicity. Classic works by Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham were also performed. Teeming with power and importance, both soloists were so well trained in their specific technique that every movement flowed with authenticity and grace.

One of the most moving pieces of the evening was “Improvisation: Dancer and Sarod.” Appropriately titled, this was improvised piece between dancer Margaret Beals and Sarod instrumentalist Andrew Rai. Everything within this piece became intensely intimate as Beals and Rai interacted. With clear respect and appreciation for each other as artists, they gave life to a truly special moment on stage.

Other pieces by Sue Bernhard, Yuke Hasegawa, Nai-Ni Chen, and the ever brilliant Lars Lubovitch filled the night, shaping a skillfully structured and executed night of dance.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Celia Ipiotis

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