Performing Arts: Dance
October 21, 2014
Kathryn Posin returned to 92Y nearly 30 years after her company’s debut there, with a group of dancers comprised especially for the event. “Voices of America and Bulgaria,” presented four premieres as well as two of Posin’s earlier works. Two of the evening’s strongest pieces were created in conjunction with Momchil Mladneov.

The third piece on the program “Century Rolls,” saw eight dancers fly non-stop through the space in tangerine unitards. They whip their bodies into quick jumps and careen themselves into whimsical movement patterns. Groups break away into solo movements, with the virtuosic Dimitri Kleioris taking the lead. Kleioris, a freelance ballet dancer is in his prime. His debonair looks only add to his elevated saut de basques, clean lines and focus. It would be a shame if an American company didn’t snatch the former New Zealand Ballet dancer up. My one qualm with this number was the rather random and unfinished ending. Perhaps it can still be expanded upon for up until the final moment, I was very much caught in the flow.

Ms. Posin’s mish mosh of freelance dancers really aids her in showing off the strengths of the choreography. They each bring something unique to the work, and work past their pristine technique edging toward a true sense of artistry.

The final piece of the night “Buried Cities,” was an ode to Bulgaria with five dancers representing aspects of the flag. Theatrical and congested in construction, the work as a whole was fun. Another stand out dancer was the lovely Yumelia Garcia. Her strong presence and gorgeous arched feet made it difficult to look away. Posin’s return to the scene is a welcome one. It will be interesting to see where else this project takes her.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Bailey Moon

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