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October 2, 2015
Maybe it was the puddle I stepped in as I ran down Jackson Avenue towards The Creek and The Cave to catch Adrienne Truscott. Maybe it was the hysterical laughter that faded as everyone in the audience ceased to smile, until they howled again for the final riff on rape whistles. Truscott’s stand-up hour is a sobering, brave advocacy for common sense in the current hoopla around rape. She gives a new twist to double entendres. By doing the unutterable, the outrageous, she might as well be a preacher extolling the sanctity of the womb (except when she refers to the Virgin Mary as a rape victim), or a desperate mom who parades naked in front of her daughters, yelling, while drinking, “What do you think will happen if you do this?”

Adrienne Truscott Asking For It: A One-Lady Rape About Comedy Starring Her Pussy and Little Else is co-presented by The Chocolate Factory and Performance Space 122. Truscott has a cheerleader’s all-American look, a hint of a southern accent, with a hunter’s hunger for moving targets. She presents herself as a newbie to the stand-up world, but clearly enjoys the intimacy and rhythm created between the audience and performer. At the top of the show, she says to the man in the front row, “I love that look - a combination of Horror and ‘I got my monies worth!.”

Parading her toned, shapely legs down the aisle wearing multiple jackets, which she sheds, and multiple bras which she throws, she is ready to party. Shots are passed around to the audience. And then she takes shots, direct or implied, at a number of figureheads - Bill Cosby, the Catholic Church, Victoria Secret, college counselors. One-half of the infamous Wau Wau Sisters, Truscott saves her acrobatic prowess to the end when she flips on her head in the dark so that the last of many videos of male comics can be projected on her pussy.

Her first story about the woman who goes into a bar, drinks way too much and gets raped by every man in the bar announces her intention to wake women up. Her last gambit with the rape whistle asks colleges not to be so ridiculous. “On the first day of your freshman year, you get a rape whistle? What am I supposed to wear this around my neck on my dates?” And then she shows us where to put it and blow it with piercing effectiveness.

Does George Carlin change the world? Maybe not, but lets give a hand to Truscott for trying.

And yeah, I particularly like the duck jokes. Did you know that male ducks have corkscrew penises and that female ducks have multiple vaginas? - Deirdre Towers

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