Performing Arts: Dance
October 4, 2017
Tap dancers and a sprinking of street dancers spread across the stage in a commissioned dance by Michelle Dorrance during the opening night of City Center’s popular – and now fall mainstay—Fall For Dance program.

Running nearly 45 minutes, there were flashes of brilliance in between expanses of noodlings searching for a center that will likely come before it is repeated in the winter at the Joyce Theater.

Michelle Dorrance’s “Mylelination” shifts a large crowd of dancers through the center, forward and back. However, the choreography only comes into focus about 20 minutes into the piece when appealing tap solos and duets cleverly mix rhythms with the jazz combo. Dorrance’s choreographic instincts are particularly satisfyingly in the arrangement of dancers in inventive frames around featured dancers.

Although she passed away this year, the Trisha Brown Dance Company continues to present the post modern choreographer’s eye cleansing dances. “You can see us” positions one dancer upstage, back to audience and the other downstage, facing the audience. They mirror rippling movements that trickle down from the head through flexible, articulated feet in a series of movements that exude a sensual coolness as performed by Cecily Campbell and Jamie Scott.

Shoulders twitch upward, body parts responding to the inaudible sounds in the air in Vincent Manotse’s “Gula.” Completely assuming the spirit of a bird, Mantose enters, white T-shirt over face. Soon, through impeccable joint isolations, Mantose’s torso becomes a fully animated bird interrogating the lush environment.

In a return engagement, the Miami City Ballet presented Christopher Wheeldon’s 2013 “black and white” post modern ballet “Polyphonia.” Pairs of dancers reflect the music by Gyorgy Ligeti, capturing the terseness and tenderness that form the choreographic seams. Initially, the company was to premiere a piece by NYC Ballet dancer and choreographer Troy Schumacher, but evidently, it was cooked enough for the season. Stil, the technically capable company demonstrated fine form on the opening night of Fall For Dance, 2017.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Celia Ipiotis

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